North Hill Church of Christ

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach the gospel, edify the church, comfort the feeble and all those in need of comfort. We will serve the community in any way we can within the boundaries of the scriptures.

Who is the "Church of Christ"

The term "Church of Christ" is not used as a denominational designation. But rather as a descriptive term indicating that the church belongs to Christ.Since God has vested "all authority" in Christ (Matt.28:18), and since he serves as God's spokesman today (Heb. 1:1-2), it is our conviction that only Christ has the authority to say what the church is and what we should teach. And since only the New Testament sets forth Christ's instructions to his disciples, it alone must serve as the basis for all religious teaching and practice. We believe the only way to achieve "unity" is by a return to the Bible. Compromise cannot bring about "unity". And surely no person, nor group of persons, has the right to draw up a set of rules by which everyone must abide. But it is all together proper to say, let's unite by just following the Bible. This is fair. This is safe. This is right!

What We Believe

The religious world today is in utter chaos about obtaining salvation. The bible gives the only concrete answer to the question; WHAT MUST I DO TO BE SAVED? Man has devised many ways to receive salvation, but let us explore the solution to salvation from Gods’ word.

1. Sin–the transgression of God’s law 
1st John 3:4
1st John 5:17

2. Mankind’s first sin 
Genesis 3:1-10
Romans 5:12

3. The cost/wage of sin 
Romans 6:23

4. All have sinned 
Romans 3:23

When and How Salvation Came
Salvation was Prophesied
A. Genesis 12:1-3, & ver. 7
B. Galatians 3:14-16

Christ was sent with Salvation
A. John 3:16-17
B. Acts 4:12 
C. 1st Thessalonians 5:9

The Bible’s Way to Salvation
One Must Hear
A. John 6:43-45
B. Romans 10:13-17 
C. Acts 15:7

One Must Believe
A. Mark 16:15-16 
B. Hebrews 11:6

One Must Repent
A. Acts 2:37-38
B. Acts 17:30

One Must Confess
A. Acts 8:37-38 
B. Matthew 28:18-20

One Must Be Baptized
A. Mark 16:15-16
B. Acts 2:37-40 
C. Acts 8:37-38

North Hill's History

The North Hill Church of Christ, (formerly The South End Church of Christ of Barberton, Ohio) was started in November, 1984

By 1997, we outgrew that facility and started to make plans for the future of this church

After careful planning and prayer about our future, the decision was made to purchase our current building at 897 Columbia Avenue in June of 1999

The building was dedicated on August 1st, 1999 and the first day of worship was on June 3rd, 1999

We have since grown into a great community of believers where together we are a family in Christ.